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Learn to Read Qur`an

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Get your 2010 started and Learning with Wilayah!

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Where is the Love?

Wilayah Learning Centre is a proud supporter of the upcoming SimplyIslam Lecture “Where is the Love?” by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani on Sunday 11 October 2009 at Suntec City Convention Centre.

Shaykh Hisham is an esteemed and revered scholar who is no stranger to us, having made numerous visits to Singapore and all over the world to spread the message of Islam through love, peace and spirituality.


Please note that entry for the lecture is by a valid ticket only. Don’t miss this special lecture event!

Islam is a religion of love and peace. The Prophet Muhammad came to guide people to love and to bring people to consciously manifest Allah’s (God’s) love in their lives. Love within the Islamic context refers to the strong affection and kindness arising out of kinship from one human being to another, as creations of Allah. It is a benevolent concern for the good of another creation of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad once said: “One who is the best of you in good conduct is nearest to me. A believer loves and is loved. There is no good in one who does not love and is not loved.”

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani will elucidate the concept of love in Islam and how the lack of it has created numerous humanitarian crises and genocide across the world – Jewish Holocaust, Bosnia/Srebrenica, Rwanda, Darfur and so on. Along with that, the lack of love has also brought other issues like hatred, animosity and discrimination. The speaker will discuss how love can help us resolve such problems of humanity. He will bring to light the level and depth of love expected of a Muslim towards Allah, the Prophet, parents, neighbours, other human beings, environment and other creations of Allah.

Public Lecture
Topic: Where is the Love?
Date: Sunday 11 October 2009
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Level 6 (1 Raffles Boulevard)
| $20 per person (early bird price ends 1 October 2009)
| $25 per person (2 October onwards)
| $18 for students
Free special “Insan Rabbani” Dhikr & Salawat CD worth $19.90 and other gifts.

WilayahLC enjoins you to attend this one night only lecture. You may purchase your tickets directly from Wilayah. Please call 9757 0007 (Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm) to book your tickets or SMS “Love<space>adult/student<space>no. of ticket, e.g. 1 or 2”.

You shall be informed about purchase details at Wilayah House, 3A Jalan Pisang off North Bridge Road.

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New look WilayahLC logo

After having been around since 2006 with a classical-beveled type, Wilayah has updated its logo for a fresh new look.

Ver. 2006 Classic

wlclogonewgreenlevelwhiteVer. 2009 white on green variant


Ver. 2009 green variant

WLCNewLogoWhiteVer. 2009 metallic black variantWLCNewLogoBlack

The Ver. 2009 design is based on a more youthful and energetic concept with clean lines and smooth edges on the fonts. It reflects an outreach to the modern Muslim towards spirituality, represented by the trademark “W”/”lillah” logo of Wilayah. This complete package may come in various colours if needed without changing any part of the W logo or text.

The motto “Faith Love Tradition Virtue” that appears in the first logo is not included in the revised one, however it still remains to be heralded as the motto and basis of WilayahLC.

The Ver. 2006 may still be used and is not discontinued indefinitely.

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Ramadan – The Month of the Ummah

Wilayah Learning Centre invites you to the third and final part of the “Before Ramadan Series 2009”, this time culminating in the talk on “Ramadan – The Month of the Ummah”.

The talk is to be held at Wilayah House. For details and registration, please click here and follow the instructions. Seats are limited.

For more info, you may text to 97570007. Talk is free and donations are appreciated.Ramadan-talk

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Important Announcement at Wilayah

We wish you goodness in health and spirit when receiving this important announcement about WilayahLC’s activities.

Wilayah’s founder, Abdul Shakur Hadi, has been diagnosed with a suspected Influenza A (H1N1) virus since Monday 27 July 2009. Apart from himself, his wife has also been put under home quarantine for one week prior a medical review. Both he and his wife’s conditions are getting stable while trying to fully recover their strengths due to the lethargy during the whole period of illness.

We seek your due diligence in checking out for any signs and symptoms of fever, flu, cough, or cold, that you should make a report to the nearest Pandemic Preparedness Clinic (PPC). We recommend especially that those with visible signs of fever to take the Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit available at the PPCs to check the type of Influenza you might have contracted.

Wilayah Learning Centre hereby declare that all classes currently held at Wilayah House, 3A Jalan Pisang be temporarily suspended until another two weeks. Class schedules shall be adjusted to make up for the loss time. All attendees of the classes shall be informed by email as well as SMS about the dates for their respective classes to resume at least 3 three days in advance.

For more information or clarification, you may write to this email or the dedicated administrator emails for your respective classes (currently available only for the Learn to Read Qur’an, Wilayah Combo, and Islamic Manners classes).

You may also call WilayahLC’s new line at 9757-0007 (Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm) or text to the same number (Mon – Sat, 10am – 9pm) for information.

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Shaykh Hisham Kabbani’s visit to WH

View now!

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani’s visit to Wilayah House

9 June 2009

For details and registration, please click here


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Islamic Manners

For details and registration, please click here


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Learn to Read Qur`an – new intake

For details and registration, please click here


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