Our Programmes are based on the following themes:

1) “The Wilayah Method“, a series of courses on Qur’anic Reading from beginners into the upper levels of Tajwid, specially designed and trademarked by WilayahLC. Included also are courses on Qur’an-related subjects such as Tafsir and ‘Ulum al-Qur’an.

2) “True Faith“, a series of courses related to the Islamic faith and doctrine, including issues about faith and belief.

3) “Devotions“, these are courses related to worship and devotions, mostly in the Shafi’i school.

4) “Pure Heart“, courses on Sufism. Subjects in this series include Adab, Akhlaq, Purification of the Heart, Disciplining the Ego, Love, family and social issues, Spiritual Sciences and Heavenly Realities.

5) “Holistic Traditions“, a series that brings out the heart and colour of Islamic faith and practice. This includes Hadith studies, Islamic culture and traditions, traditional healing and Prophetic mediciine

6) “Sacred Visits“, a series of organised tours and visitations/pilgrimages to holy sites in the Islamic world, particularly centred upon those in Southeast Asia.


Apart from the above, we also hold open programmes, seminars, workshops, and events for the public. These include Tarawih in Ramadan, Maulid programmes, Dhikr, and talks.

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